Our missions is to raise leaders who will make Japan a world leader in both literary and military arts.[1]
  • Shishidō Academy
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Shishidō Academy is an elite boarding school, designed to house, educate and raise prodigies. The school is different from public schools because of the boarding system and the high price, so it attracts children from influential families. Due to the high price, the school can afford high quality equipment and teachers and therefore have a very high level of academic and athletic success.[2]

The Shishidō Academy is run by the Shishidō family, with now headmaster Isamu Shishidō in charge. Virtually ruling the school body is Mika Shishidō, known as the Rose of Shishidō.[3] The head of the Public Morals Committee is Aoto.


The academy was founded by the ancestors of the current Shishidō family. They were successful silk traders the founded a private school to raise talented Japanese people to work internationally.[4] The current buildings are originally from the Taisho period. The philosophy of the Shishidō Academy was derived from that, in order to compete with Western countries, students are taught to act aggressively instead of the usual Japanese cooperative.


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