Hiruko Nana
Vital statistics
Name Hiruko Nana
Age 14
Talent Mathematics
Pheromone Secretion
Relationships Hanasaki Mayo (best friend)
Professional statistics
Occupation Student
Adult Socializer
Status Active
Hiruko Nana is a former member of the Abidani Seminar and was among Tomu Shirasagi's opponents in the 3-Round Dice battle before joining his team to take down Emily Dawn.





Hiruko is cunning and uses various tricks to acomplish her goals. One example of this is when she used laxitives, that she had put in Yuka's drink. She also is very good at disguise, making her enemies underestimate her by using a "cute girl" look before showing her devious side. During the three way dice game she showed that she has a strong affinity to math as she was able to do hard math without use of a calculator. She also seems to be able to release a pheromone like the ones used by female insects that she calls "Leech Love".  This pheremone seems to make men weaker and give in to her wishes. It can however be rendered useless if a man is able to resist long enough to regain his senses.