The Abidani Seminar is a seminar at Shishidō Academy. Unlike a normal seminar where it is composed of the best and brightest students, the Abidani Seminar has "bad kids" that have not changed their attitude after going to the "Reflection Room", Abidani's torture room. These students are sent to a room out in the woods. Abidani is in charge and can keep students there for years. Abidani keeps the students locked in cages and forces them "study" various things. They are not allowed to leave until they get their "diploma". From the looks of the students one can interfere that they are largely underfed and malnourished. Most students at Shishidō believed that the Seminar was a myth. It was revealed to be real when Abidani challenged Tomu to battle the seminar. It would seem that "democratic" decisions are made through fights that involve massive amounts of violence, instigated by Abidani himself.

Notable members